Obama's and Netflix Board Member Susan Rice Remain Silent on 'Cuties' Scandal

Well, isn’t this curious?

Both the Obama’s and Susan Rice love to speak out on controversy, but when it hits a little too close to home, they remain incredibly silent.

Case in point: the highly controversial Netflix film “Cuties,” which exploits young girls in a highly sexualized manner, has received opinions from public figures far and wide, but neither the Obama’s or Susan Rice have made any type of comment on the disgusting film

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Given the fact the Susan Rice is a Netflix board member and the Obama’s had their own show on the platform, their silence really does speak volumes.

From Brietbart

Neither Barack and Michelle Obama nor their former National Security Adviser Susan Rice have weighed in on the firestorm surrounding Cuties, a French coming-of-age drama that is the subject of widespread criticism for its blatant sexualization of pre-pubescent children.

Both the Obama’s and Rice are closely connected to the company, with the former president and first lady currently in the middle of a “multi-year agreement” signed back in May 2018 to help produce films and series for the platform. Rice, meanwhile, was appointed to the Netflix board that same year.

Cuties, which was released on Netflix Wednesday, is a French comedy-drama whose protagonist is an 11-year-old Senagalese Muslim girl from a traditional, yet dysfunctional family who joins a dance group known as Mignonnes, also the French name of the film.

Netflix themselves have also failed to speak up on the film.

It’s funny how the left has no problem voicing opinions on anything and everything, but when it even slightly falls back on them, they remain in complete silence.

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