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It’s time for an additional contentious subject, my associates.

No, not quantity, frequency, or depth. Immediately, we’re speaking about exercise splits. Particularly, full-body coaching.

Full-body and higher-frequency coaching has turn into extra well-liked currently. And if you happen to’ve adopted my work through the years, you already know I haven’t been a giant proponent of full-body exercises. In truth, in earlier editions of Greater Leaner Stronger, the exercises had typical “bro-split” names (although the exercises themselves had been extra like a Push Pull Legs cut up with added accent days).

So, it’s not too shocking that I steadily get requested for my ideas on full-body coaching versus physique half splits and the “finest exercise cut up” typically.

Properly, full-body exercises can undoubtedly work effectively in sure conditions—like if you’re a newbie or when you possibly can solely prepare one or two occasions per week. However for this episode, I made a decision to usher in a giant proponent of and knowledgeable on full-body coaching, Menno Henselmans.

Menno has been a repeat visitor on my podcast, however in case you’re not aware of him, he’s a bodybuilding coach, author, and revealed scientist who’s additionally on the Scientific Advisory Board of my sports activities vitamin firm, Legion Athletics.

On this episode, we chat about …

  • Why you must use a full-body cut up if you happen to coaching sometimes
  • The first advantages of full-body coaching (optimizing quantity and work capability)
  • Learn how to correctly program “supersets” with out hurting efficiency (and really enhance it)
  • Learn how to program an efficient full-body routine
  • Saving time within the fitness center, inter-set relaxation time, and train order concerns
  • Periodization and why you shouldn’t change workouts too steadily
  • Conditions when full-body routine wouldn’t be the only option
  • And extra …

So, if you wish to be taught all about full-body coaching and whether or not you must give it a shot, take heed to this episode.

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Time Stamps:

8:03 – What qualifies as a full physique exercise versus one thing else?

17:32 – Do full physique exercises provide you with extra top quality quantity?

19:02 – What’s a superset? How would you implement supersets with out impairing your efficiency on the workouts?

28:04 – How do you prefer to program your full physique exercises?

31:04 – Is that your train or is there one other element to it as effectively?

32:08 – How do you prefer to order your workouts?

35:45 – How do you prefer to periodize this kind of coaching?

40:30 – Do you do your heavier exercises earlier within the week after a relaxation interval?

41:39 – So far as quantity, what are you capturing for?

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