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 I was reading an editorial the other day about how a this woman used to subscribe to minimalistic styles and colors with her wardrobe but after quarantine (well *while* quarantining I should say) she has come to realize she wants bolder and brighter pieces in her life. Being home all day, she wants to be excited and clothing was her medium. I tell you this to say that I feel the exact opposite. I’m finding that the more simple a piece, the more I want to wear it. A simple dress or a plain top and easy pair of shorts is my jam right now. I’ve always loved pattern and color and I would never turn my back on those two, but clean lines and solid colors have been my favorite go-to’s these last few months. This got me thinking — is this change universal? Has quarantine changed the way you approach your closet and style? I truly want to know. For me, I’m finding freedom in the ease of getting dressed, whereas at one point I almost felt like if it wasn’t a fuss, then it wasn’t truly styled. I’ve realized that I like comfort — and I don’t mean comfort as in loungewear but instead feeling truly comfortable with what I am wearing and how it makes me feel. My comfort level is actually an internal issue, not an external. Trust me, I like to be cozy but I can fold up these legs up, circle around twice and make myself cozy anywhere, any time and in anything. (Ok, maybe not sequins or pleather. You got me there.) But the idea of ‘comfort’ for me is boundless; not tied to just terry cloth or elastic waists. Comfort for me is feeling good in what I’m wearing, not just what I’m wearing feels good to me. The lines of style have been blurred and I don’t know if I will ever go back. Of course, never say never. I bought Teva’s the other day, so that’s also how my 2020 is going.

 After a decade of blogging, and trying to please people (in a good way!) with what I wear, I’ve realized that comfort to me is actually just answering the question of ‘what do you want to wear today?’ instead of ‘what should I wear today?’ Letting my comfort dictate my content is an interesting perspective for me to take as a content creator, because content has dictated my comfort and style for years. This outfit here is exactly what I wanted to wear today. I took it off twice because it didn’t feel ‘enough’ and then I said ‘enough’ to myself and put it back on. And now, writing this, I’m still wearing this outfit with ease. With one modification: the bra came off. Working from home will always have some perks.

Speaking of comfort levels, a man watched me this entire 5 minute shoot. It was uncomfortable and I would like him to buy a ticket next time and then promptly cancel the show. Tickets will be un-refundable as well.

PS: My top is lovely and lightweight and gauzey but not see through. I’m in the medium and you can find it under $25 here!

So yeah. I did not mean to get deep-ish with this post, but it was on my mind and I wonder what’s on yours. Has quarantine changed your mind about style this year? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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