Tuesday, June 2

BOOM! President Trump is Taking Hydroxychloroquine to Forestall COVID-19

by Sierra (NZ)

President Trump is Taking
Hydroxychloroquine to Forestall COVID-19

What a shocking revelation – President Trump is taking Hydroxychloroquine to stop COVID-19.

Cue coronary heart seizures throughout for the corrupt MSM. Adore it!

Karli Q tweeted a video of the press convention the place President Trump talks about taking HCQ for ‘a few weeks’…


Scroll down Cowboyw2B’s Twitter feed for a tweet concerning the Q clock…


‘Qincidence…At present POTUS stated he has been taking Hydroxychloroquine. Q drops says, “The ‘CURE’ will unfold WW” and features up with TODAY on the Q clock. BOOM.’

Jordan Sather’s tweet…


‘Utilizing a pharmaceutical to show Large Pharma. HAH the irony. DO IT HCQ!’

Julian’s Rum tweet…


‘Reality: HCQ prevents COVID. Reality: HCQ cures COVID. Reality: Trump takes HCQ.’

You can’t argue with these info. President Trump allowed Fauci and his fellow Deep Staters to broadly discredit HCQ while pushing for obligatory vaccinations. POTUS knew ALL ALONG that HCQ would kill the vaccine narrative. However he waited…and waited…till the Deep State have been completely performed with discrediting THEMSELVES.

Then – he POUNCED.

It wasn’t ever concerning the virus for the Deep State. It was ALWAYS about stopping President Trump getting re-elected. Q stated that the election is secure. So it is yet one more spectacular failure for the satanists.

Try M3thods tweet…


‘The Dems and their MSM goons don’t desire you to know that HCQ additionally cures the necessity for mail-in ballots.’

Lastly, right here is a few gentle reduction. This quick video does a beautiful send-up of Joe Biden…


Why cease there? Let’s have a send-up of Nancy Pelosi too. Take pleasure in!


Elon Musk tweeted about ‘taking the pink tablet’. Ivanka Trump responded with ‘Already taken!’

It is a good time to be alive, pricey pals.

The place We Go One We Go All.

Love and Gentle
Sierra (NZ)

Supply: https://inteldinarchronicles.blogspot.com/2020/05/boom-potus-is-taking-hcq-by-sierra-nz.html

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