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Funny Gym Memes

The bodybuilder. The cardio chick. The grunter. The more-makeup-than-sweat girl. The once a month-er. And, of course, the I-have-no-idea-what-I’m-doing peeps. We all know them at the gym, and if we’re honest with ourselves, we’re one of them.

Which of These Gym Memes Are About You?

1. Gym Buddies For Life

They wouldn’t even know what to do if the other one wasn’t there as their wingman.

2. The Flexer

Funny Gym Memes

This guy (or gal) never take their eyes off themselves. They admire their muscles during reps and flex in between.

3. The Music Dependents

Funny Gym memes

These people are awesome at charades. They never take their earbuds out, no matter what they need to say or what you’re trying to say to them.

4. The Lone She-Wolf

Funny Gym Memes

There are two sub-types of this gym-type: 1. The girl who doesn’t want to compete for weights and 2. The girl who doesn’t want to compete for attention.

5. The More Makeup Than Sweat Girl

Funny Gym Memes

These girls look as good leaving as they do when they arrive. No smudged mascara. No beet-red faces. Perfectly coiffed ponytails. Only their lipgloss glistens.

6. The Grunters

Funny Gym Memes

So awkward! It’s as if you can hear a hernia forming. The worst is when the grunter is also a music-dependent and he thinks we can’t hear his grunts because he can’t.

7. The My Friend Dragged Me Here Type

Funny Gym Memes

These people are only here because their friend finally convinced them to go to the gym with them. They would much rather be at home eating Cheetos on the couch.

8. The Scrawny Guy

Funny Gym Memes

This guy’s problem is what every girl dreams of. No matter how much he eats or how much he lifts, he stays slim.  But, in his mind, he is as buff as Hulk Hogan.

9. The Once A Month-er

Funny Gym Memes

Better yet, “I’m going to start Monday.” And once Monday comes and goes, better luck next Monday. This is so me.

10. The I Workout So I Can Eat More Type

funny gym memes

They ain’t giving up no carbs. Being able to eat that donut is worth the hour on the treadmill.

11. The Poster

funny gym memes

The first thing on their workout checklist is to check in on Facebook. No one cares you’re at the gym, Cheryl!

12. The Creepers

Funny Gym Memes

These guys seriously don’t get that a mirror works both ways. If you can see her, she can see your dumb, creepy eyes on her.

13. The Cardi-Don’ts

Funny Gym Memes

Yeah, no. I’ll go sit on that weight machine for the next hour instead.

14. The Cardi-Onlys

funny gym memes

These chicks have one goal: to be slim, slim, slim. Who needs to be able to lift a box when you can read an entire book while on the treadmill?

15. The Little Giants

funny gym memes

If only we could all be like this kid from The Little Giants, grunting and flexing in this mirror with utter confidence. If you can choose which gym type to be, be this guy… but without the snot bubbles.


Going to the gym can be good for your health and can be good entertainment. Next time you go to the gym, see how many of these funny gym memes come to mind. I’ll do the same, you know, on Monday.

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